What is Curious Palette Creative?


CPC is a professional design studio specializing in creating effective, eye-catching visuals for the music industry. Through Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography and more, we help artists convey the emotions and vibe of their music with packaging and promotion. We get fans excited…
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Schedule an in-depth 30-minute consultation to get started! Basically, it's a Sound Check for your design.


“Erin is the go-to designer for Music Aid Northwest! She’s designed our logo, our website, and for many years has designed unique posters for our annual Play It Forward concerts. Erin is very talented and professional, and is easy to work with as well. She provides quick turn-arounds and is very helpful in providing guidance to help our board of directors make informed choices about our brand. I would recommend Erin for any project…”

Paul Secord Multimedia Project Manager, Music Aid Northwest

“Erin’s the best Art Director. I’d never want to work with anyone else!”

Griffin Anthony Singer/Songwriter

“Erin told us she was award winning, so I had high expectations.
There’s no disappointment; she delivered!”

Nick LeBlanc New Order Online

“Erin is the best dang flyer and banner artist around! She’s quick, resourceful and works well remotely. Hit. Her. Up. Seriously… she’s good people!”

Elizabeth O’Keefe President, Seattle Women in Music

“[Flying Against the Time Zones] is one of the best CD cover designs I’ve ever seen!”

Grant Gravits, Jr. Gatsby Records

“Thank you so much for your outstanding and detailed work; you’re very talented!”

Tom Alexander Alexander Productions