Develop a stage presence
that makes a statement!


2-Panel Jacket CD

+ 4 additional items


Essentials needed to get noticed
in mainstream media!


4-Panel Eco-Wallet CD

+ 7 additional items


Hit the road with the ultimate
packaging thru promo campaign!


4-Panel Digipak CD w/
pocket & 8-panel booklet

+ 11 additional items


“A painter paints pictures on canvas, but musicians paint their pictures on silence.” — Leopold Stokowski


Just as artists mix colors and mediums to enhance a painting, the essence of CPC is the ability to mix elements from a variety of palette options that enhance your project, creating a more unique overall presence. Below is a quick overview of some of the à la carte mix-in's available to purchase individually, as needed, or add to any of the 3 main packages above. There are over 50 options to choose from within the following categories... click the MENU button to get the complete list.

  • PACKAGING - various options for CD and vinyl design (digipaks, jackets, eco-wallets, gatefolds, etc.)
  • MARKETING - press kits, social media support
  • GIG GEAR - tour programs, merch design
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - promotional photo shoots, color correction/retouching
  • ADVERTISING - posters, flyers, magazine/newspaper ads
  • ILLUSTRATION - truly custom drawing/painting for package design
  • ADMINISTRATION - print management

“Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory.” — Oscar Wilde


Similar to those little goodies acquired at swanky soirées, these built-in benefits automatically apply when choosing to work with Curious Palette Creative

  • Direct connection to the Recording Academy (Grammy’s/Latin Grammy’s). With CPC providing Art Direction on any packaging project, your work can be submitted (for free) and promoted within members-only groups on social media *Please Note: there’s NO GUARANTEE the Academy will accept all work submitted; that’s up to their sole discretion
  • Grammy priviledges with certain print houses ~ though varied by company, some include discounts off the duplication order or free posters printed (*subject to change without notice. **requires CPC print management service)
  • DiscMakers Studio Partner ~ CPC’s a Gold Studio Partner; once the packaging design is completed and if DiscMakers is the print house chosen, an option to purchase a framed plaque showcasing that particular project, commemorating its release ($60); CD’s only
  • Non-members of any affiliate group (i.e. Grammy’s or WiM) are eligible to receive a 10%discount, provided the order is paid-in-full up front
  • Professional, custom hand-drawn illustrations for CD/vinyl projects are an option (not usually offered elsewhere)
  • Package level CPC gifts ~ purchase any of the 3 Palette Menu Packages and receive one of the following CPC collaboration items: Tune Up (spiral notebook), Pump Up (coffee mug), Gear Up (tote bag)

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