To help in your decision, read through these handful of questions that've been asked over the years. Hopefully they'll clarify potential lingering questions you may have. If there are others not answered here, feel free to send an email.

Where are you located?

Southeast Florida.

Where did you go to school?

Ringling College of Art & Design, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Illustration.

Illustration? …is that the only art background you have?!

Certainly not! I developed a natural proficiency and strong affinity for graphic design during my last 2 years in college and incorporated that aspect with a handful of freelance projects soon after graduation. Around the same time, I was hired as a staff designer for a major metro newspaper that provided a solid foundation for learning additional skills at lightning speed during my 5 years there; print advertising, 4-color process, spontaneous design and time management with tight deadlines all became second nature.

How does your art relate to music? …how can you help me?!

Art and music share a common goal: communication! Whether communicating a brand, a concept, an emotion or a message through visual images or through audio sound, both require ways to efficiently convey something to say. While seemingly unrelated, they actually go hand-in-hand in creating an overall powerful impact that lasts.

I also possess a unique perspective, having been exposed to the behind-the-scenes music world most of my life. That "both-sides-of-the-fence" experience allows me to grasp what the fans expect and what the band generates (anticipation/delivery ratio). I can help guide you to the most effective strategies that produce positive feedback, social buzz and memorable impressions.

How long have you been designing for music?

Eighteen years (and counting), earning several internationally recognized awards along the way.

What if I need illustration, but your style doesn’t really go with the vibe of my project?

No problem! That’s totally understandable as it sometimes happens. My style is gestural (sometimes abstract) with a pop culture sensibility; often described by others as “whimsical sophistication.” If that doesn’t best suit your project, I’d be happy to refer you to a number of fellow illustration colleagues whose style might better fit the project overall. Of course, their fees are separate from mine and you can work directly with them on that. With their written permission/consent form, we can incorporate their illustration into your music project, making sure to give them proper credit in the liner notes.

My band needs promotional photography… how do we set that up?

For those within the tri-county (Palm Beach, Broward, Dade) areas of Southeast Florida, it’s easy to schedule a day shoot. For those who live outside of this area (in-state or out-of-state), I’m happy to accommodate, however, travel expenses are added on top of the day shoot rate. That can be further discussed during our consultation.

Do you offer any bonuses?

Yes. There’s a variety of built-in bonuses that are a part of who I am and what I do. Be sure to check out the VSB (Virtual Swag Bag) section on the PALETTE MENU page to learn about each one.

You’re a voting Grammy member? …how did you get involved with that?!

While building my music clientele for a handful of years, I submitted my credentials and started as an Associate member of the Recording Academy in 2007. The following year, after a number of projects later, I was elevated to a voting national member after proving my rising accolades within the industry. Soon, I earned dual status, given Latin Grammy voting privileges once special criteria was met. Celebrating my 12th anniversary this year, I continue to enjoy participating in various events within the community, discovering new talent and networking with a multitude of accomplished members and colleagues.

Do you have experience with all genres?

My clientele has spanned the globe and the genres. Mostly, I’ve worked with Pop, Rock, New Age, World, Jazz, Americana, Blues, Country, Latin, Dance/Electronic and Alternative… so far.

Is there anything that’s “off-limits” to you?

I’m pretty open-minded, but when it comes to potential things I find offensive/abusive or goes against my ethical integrity, I have to draw the line. If there’s a project in question, we can discuss it prior to purchasing any plan.

Do you share ideas with everyone?

Absolutely not! I take client confidentiality very seriously and never share anyone’s ideas (or info) with anyone else. What we discuss stays between us and is never used for future concepts of another's project. My clients understand the reciprocation and mutual respect regarding this matter (there’s a clause in the contract about this). Having spent my entire life in the art world and being intuitive by nature, I have an endless wealth of originality and creativity. Rest assured, you’re safe with me.

Why do you not have jewel cases among the Palette Menu options?

From my experience (and insider knowledge), jewel cases have become rather passé and limiting, creatively speaking, and also lend themselves to breaking easily. Therefore, to best showcase your work, I strongly suggest trying an alternative package that offers more freedom and professional polish.

What about websites?

While I’ve designed original websites from scratch for 18 years, the going trend has most people opting to design their own sites using various template-based platforms. This not only gives them complete maintenance control, it also saves money on design fees and allows me the time needed to devote to original hand-drawn illustrations, since both disciplines are very time consuming.

What can I expect working with you?

Initially, I like to get to know more about you and your project, what your thoughts, goals and ideas are, so we’ll start with a consultation. From there, we can discuss which Palette Menu options best suit your music campaign and budget, making the most of how many or how few you’re comfortable with. Once that’s been established, the deposit’s made and the contract’s signed, I begin with 3 thumbnail ideas based on your project and continue to develop the best option you choose among those. Depending on the options chosen, I’ll complete each project and collaborate with you on any tweaks that might be needed. In the end, you’ll be armed with a professional presentation that’s bound to make an impression!

This whole process seems rather daunting and complicated...

It's really not. I utilize a client portal system called Dubsado. That's where all of our email communications, contracts, proofs and payments are filtered. Easy to follow links will make our collaborations very user friendly, quick and convenient. Payments, either made in-full or by scheduled installments, are backed by PayPal or Stripe through Dubsado. You're covered, no worries!

As a Designer, what are your favorite visual aspects?

For digital and conventional projects alike, I’m particularly drawn to (no pun intended) color, composition and cohesion.